Local Accommodation/ Temporary Accommodation

We have a number of options that range from short term local housing to long term housing, always taking care to maintain the property, to help you monetize your home and earn money while you’re not using it. These options have the philosophy of optimum profitability.
The client experience belongs to us all. Each of us is accountable for delivering a service that surpasses expectations and enhances the client’s experience.
Our aim is to excel. Whether you require assistance in maintaining your lodging or suggestions on how to make the most of your property, we are intimately familiar with Ericeira.

Pre Management Services

(Legalization / Preparation of the property for AL)

Market research

Registration for local lodging license

Inventory and equipment purchases required for accommodations

Decoration and organization of the house

Preparation for the inspection of the house

Photo session for marketing purposes

LA Management/Temporary Accommodation Services

Inputs and Outputs


Communication to SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service)

Welcome Packages

24/7 guest assistance

Inspection of the house at the departure

Cleaning and Maintenance

Supply and change of bed and bath linen

Cleaning and laundry

Maintenance services

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